Irish people have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming and staying with a family gives you an opportunity to experience this warm welcome first hand. Now, I would like to introduce you to Francesca who tells us about her Irish experience with her friendly local family in West Clare…!

If I had to think about my personal experience of Ireland and its people, there would be plenty of things I could list. Now, however, I prefer to speak only about my host family, who showed me a great deal of hospitality. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this fantastic place.
First, we have Martin and Anne. They both welcomed me into their home with open arms and extreme kindness. They also gave me the opportunity to visit some spectacular places, such as The Cliffs of Moher, which has one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to experience this.
Throughout my entire stay, being in their house felt exactly like being at home. Also, with the help of their three children Aisling, Roisin and Tadhg, and also Paul – a Spanish student guest like me. Despite the difference in age, for instance, I am 20 years old and Paul and Tadhg 15 years old, we all felt at ease in each other’s company. Aisling, who is one year older than I am, was the person I got to know first. She came to pick me up from the bus station after arriving at Dublin airport. She immediately showed me her incredible patience and kindness and thanks to her, I got the chance to visit Galway city and visit the college there. We even discovered that we have many things in common such as the love for animals, music, walks by the sea and most importantly, the love for CHOCOLATE! She absolutely adores chocolate! We both do! Probably in the same way that Tadhg loves football, his phone and selfies!
Tadhg is the youngest of the three children and most probably the craziest boy I have ever met. Regardless of his lack of energy in the mornings (as he is not so fond of waking up early), he still managed to make every moment very entertaining and pleasurable for me.
Then we have Roisin; the second eldest. She is 17 years old and a good football player. She is a little bit quieter than Tadhg, is very determined when it comes to making decisions and kind like parents and siblings. She lent me her jacket and jumper numerous times, thus, saving my life (from the cold weather) on more than one occasion.
Last but not least, we have Paul. Although not a member of the Flynn family, I would still like to say a few things about him. With his presence, he made me feel more confident. I wasn’t the only student guest in the house and therefore, felt as though I could be less shy and braver (even though I am 5 years older than him).
I love to travel and above all, I love Ireland. Here I found some amazing and delightful people as well as many students from different countries. I can therefore say that not only did I find a crazy but lovely Irish family, but also another big and wonderful family outside of home!