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Finalmente dopo mesi di assenza dal blog mi decido a tornare sul web! L’organizzazione dell’estate 2014 è stata molto impegnativa e il lavoro svolto nei due mesi trascorsi in Irlanda non mi hanno dato il tempo di pubblicare tutte le testimonianze stupende che ho ricevuto. Anche in questi due primi mesi d’autunno sono stata presissima con la ripresa della scuola dei miei figli e con l’organizzazione del soggiorno studio per le ragazze svizzere (sono appena rientrate soddisfatte, felici e già piene di nostalgia!).  Mi è mancato proprio il tempo. Adesso però vorrei recuperare rendendovi partecipi della ricchezza che ho ricevuto attraverso i racconti degli studenti.

Incomincio con la prima email. Irene, 17 anni, studentessa milanese, durante lo scorso giugno ha trascorso un periodo presso una delle nostre famiglie, vivendo in campagna a est della contea di Clare. Buona lettura!

Hi, I’m Irene and I stayed in Ireland hosted by the Dowling family. It’s difficult to explain in a few lines this unforgettable experience: I not only improved my English but I started to get to know a new country with its habits and traditions that were different from my own ones but fascinating as well. I got used to living as an Irish girl, in an Irish family and with Irish sisters who were always ready to encourage me and to satisfy my desires. So, I discovered the awesome nature of the countryside, I had swims in the lake as well as in the freezing ocean and, thanks to my family’s kindness, I visited the most known and touristic places of the county of Clare: the cliffs of Moher, Limerick, Ennis… To sum up, every day was different from the others and I shared completely my life with the one of my family: I didn’t feel as a stranger, I felt part of that family and I followed them everywhere. I knew the friends of my Irish sisters, I took part in family events, I relaxed myself in the house garden reading a book… The most unbelievable thing was that I wasn’t worried about speaking in English or learning new things because it happened naturally, I was only keen on enjoying every single minute of my holiday.

Anche Lottie, una delle sorelle irlandesi di Irene, mi ha scritto per raccontarmi dell’esperienza dal suo punto di vista. Cosa vuol dire accogliere in casa propria un ospite che presto diventa come una cara parente in visita?

Irene stayed with us for 3 weeks. It was perfect because she was between mine and Molly’s ages of 19 and 17. We had a wonderful time enjoying the nature around my local area. We went for hikes up the mountains and shorter walks in the locality. Irene was very active and gave us a new prospective on our area and brought enjoyment to it. We also went for a day trip around the county, where we toured Ennis and went to the cliffs of Moher. The best day of all though was the day we went to Inis Mor, one of the Aran Islands, and watched the red bull cliff-diving. The day turned out perfect, which made the wait worth it! We visited Dun Aonghees and enjoyed the sunshine all day long. It was always a pleasure having Irene there because she was so motivated to do everything and excited by the new experiences! A wonderful experience with many memories!

Alla prossima con i prossimi racconti…Learn English the Irish Way!