the café where I worked

I spent a fortnight in Ireland ??, especially in Bearna, a small village outside Galway city and I lived with a host family.

The family is made of Ursula, Sean and their two children Oisin and Cathal plus 2 guests students Alejandro and Tom.

During my placement in Ireland my daily routine involved waking up at 07.15, then I went to work from 08.00 to 15.00. After this I had my conversation class with Ursula, once the class was finished I rested until the dinner. After the dinner I had the grammar lesson with Sean.

I worked in a café as waiter (and sometimes as dish-washer) and ,there, I had the opportunity to speak with the local people and improve my pronunciation. I think that Irish people are very similar to Italian people, because both are welcoming and nice.

I think that with the right job opportunity I would like to go back to Ireland ☘️despite the weather and the diffrent food !

relaxing with a fine pint of Guinness, with my host family @ the Quays pub in the heart of Galway city