Anche il racconto di Matilde, merita di essere pubblicato….”Not only did I learn lots of English but I also had many new experiences!”

I’m Matilde, I’m 16 years old and I’m from Milan. Last summer, I chose to spend 3 weeks staying with an Irish family so I could improve my English.  The family lived in the countryside in County Clare, which is located on the west of Ireland.

There are four people in the Irish family with whom I stayed with; Noreen (mother), Dennis (father), and their two children, Rachel and David. There are also 2 dogs, Lucky and Max. Two Spanish girls also stayed with this family for some of the time I was there and we enjoyed spending time together.

Not only did I learn lots of English but I also had many new experiences!

We went walking in the countryside frequently, we baked brownies three times, we went to the cinema and we went Irish set dancing (during the Willie Clancy festival), we went surfing and horse riding! We went to the ‘Cliffs of Moher which were amazing.

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We saw a Gaelic football match (Clare vs Kildare) which was very interesting for me. We also went to Galway to meet up with my sister. Here is a picture with our host mothers!10489743_339717582847256_4464606031063359746_n


We visited the family’s relations, called the Murphys; Dolores, John, Martina, Mary-Ruth, Jane, Conor and John Jnr. They live on a farm and while I was there I saw a cattle test in which they took a blood sample and also tagged a cow.
I also did some English lessons with Laura, an English teacher.

Staying with the Irish family was a wonderful and authentic experience. I did the same things they did everyday, like drinking tea with milk! I learnt a lot about the Irish life-style and culture, as well as greatly improving my English. I would like to come back to this beautiful country which is full of nice people in the future!

Thanks a million to Gaia, my host family, the Murphys, Sinead and my teacher Laura for all this!