ECCO IL RACCONTO DI GIULIA che si trova a Westport, Co. Mayo per queste vacanze di Pasqua:
“I have enjoyed this experience so much, it will help me in the future, speaking English all day has improved my English so much. Now I feel much more confident speaking English to everyone. I loved every member of my family because I learned different things from each of them. I had beautiful experiences like surfing and camping. I also had magical moments like watching the sunset and cycling in the beautiful countryside. I also liked the lessons because I used everything I learned later in the day. Kevin and Maria were able to help me at my level and they were very kind.
I will never forget these beautiful moments because for the first time I felt part of an Irish family and I also learned a lot of things about Irish habits. Giulia”

A big thanks to Maria & Kevin and Giulia’s host parents, Barbara and Tony