Hi Letizia, I hope you’re well. Riccardo is such a lovely boy… a pleasure to have here with us and he has settled very well. Yesterday I brought him & Fedo to Oughterard for a walk about & lunch… later I had them & Matthia here for dinner. Today our cousin Briedge brought them to Galway for lunch & Pamela had them for dinner this afternoon. Tomorrow we are bringing them, with Briedge & her husband, to The Nstional Park in Connemara. We are having a picnic & hoping to climb Diamond Hill. Hope you’re having a lovely time there too. ?

Hi Letizia, I hope you had s lovely weekend! We had a fabulous day yesterday! Mike brought his car, I brought my car & Briedge Joyce brought hers! I collected Ali, Linda Butlers student also. We had a picnic & met up with two other family of cousins there. We returned home at 6pm & all joined together for dinner. Yes, I reminded all the boys here on Saturday to try speak as much English as possible… that’s what they’re here for & their parents have paid a lot of money to send them here on this wonderful experience. They are all great boys & a joy to have! Riccardo walked down to Pamela’s half an hour ago to join Matthia. ?x

A visit to St. Brigids Gardens ?