Buon pomeriggio, vorrei condividere con voi questo bellissimo articolo di Cecilia, una delle tre studentesse di Vivi l’Irlanda appena tornate dalla loro vacanza a Portumna

When someone says “Ireland”, what do you think? Maybe leprechauns, potatoes, shamrocks or Guinness. But Ireland is not only this!

During the All Saints holiday I went to Ireland to study English and I stayed with a really friendly Irish family, in a little town called Portumna. In my Irish family there were two sisters: Saoirse, and Blaithín, and one brother Anraoi.

I had a really fantastic experience with them.  I want to share the one experience that I enjoyed the most: Halloween.

Halloween has Celtic origins  so in Ireland it’s an important celebration, and anywhere you go you can see  scary decoration. With my Irish family, in Halloween week, we decorated the house, baked Halloween cupcakes, and we carved pumpkins!

It took a lot of time, but we were very happy with the faces we made.ZUCCHE

On the Halloween afternoon my new ‘Irish sister’ Saoirse (who is 14) and I created our costumes for the evening and laughed a lot because our costumes were not really like what we wanted.


Before the dinner we played cards and I taught them a French game that I think they enjoyed. I went ‘trick or treats’ in Portumna with my real sister Margherita and a friend, Giulia, who came with me to Ireland, and we had lots of sweets and lots of fun.

I loved staying in Ireland and I made new friends. I hope that I will go back next year I also look forward  to Saoirse visiting me and my family in Switzerland. We both have a dream: to go together to the scout camp next summer.

I would like to thank all the people that permitted this wonderful adventure: Gaia, my mother’s cousin, Shane, our super teacher, my amazing Irish family and my parents.

I’m a bit Irish myself now. Cecilia

Grazie Cecilia, per questa tua testimonianza che mostra come è possibile, attraverso una condivisione nella vita quotidiana con la gente del posto, fare esperienza di uno stile di vita diverso, conoscere le tradizioni del paese che ti ospita e nel contempo imparare l’inglese…

Appena ho un attimo di tempo pubblico anche  le due lettere  che ho ricevuto di Margherita e Giulia! stay tuned!