Eccomi qua di nuovo a raccontare le magnifiche avventure con Vivi l’Irlanda, facendo parlare le protagoniste. La volta precedente , con il suo articolo, Cecilia raccontava della sua bellissima vacanza in particolar modo dei preparativi per  Halloween. Ora Giulia, vuole parlarci della sua divertente avventura alla grande maratona nel Portumna Forest Park!

Hi, my name is Giulia! I am 15, I went to Ireland during the All Saints holiday to improve my conversational English.

I was living with a family in Portumna, a little town in Co. Galway, in the province of Connaught. My family was very kind.

I now have two Irish sisters, one is Neasa and she is the same age as me. The other is 18 and she is called Sorcha. The mother’s name is Elisabeth but we call her Liz. The father, who is always joking, is called Dick. They have a dog, Boster.

We did lots of fun activities. I want to speak you about one of them, 

“The mucky run” because I had an amazing experience…

The Mucky Run

It was a Sunday afternoon, Neasa, my Irish mother and father and I went to the forest to run in the mucky run.

The forest is a beautiful nature park in Portumna.

The race began at 2.00 pm. We, the children, were together in one team, and had to run 3km. The adults were in different teams and they had to run 5km. I was with Neasa and Cecilia, a friend who came to Ireland with me for the same reason. We had to run between the trees.

Children during the mucky run

It was very beautiful. We had to run through the muck, and a very cold stream. We climbed up and down the many different paths. Together we crawled through a mucky tunnel, we had to slide down a mucky hill which was made slippery by people throwing water and soap on it. 









We were dirty with lots of muck but Cecilia, Neasa, and I were very happy to have this experience. 


I really enjoyed my day in Portumna forest  with my Irish family. It was my first time to run in the muck. I was really glad! I would love to do this again!

Giulia Catelani

Complimenti cara Giulia! A breve Margherita vi racconterà dell’esperienza allo stadio di Galway city! Stay tuned…