Eccoci qua ancora con le nostre protagoniste di Vivi l’Irlanda. Questa volta, come promesso, lascio la parola a Margherita che ci racconta della sua giornata speciale passata allo stadio di Galway City per la finale del campionato di contea: Portumna contro Loughrea…Ha vinto Portumna ovviamente! yuppie! un affettuoso saluto lo voglio dare ai miei 3 fratelli Andrew, Peter e Leo Smith (che ho visto crescere quando per anni andavo ospite a casa loro per imparare l’inglese) e che oggi fanno parte della squadra. L’ estate scorsa hanno allenato gli studenti di Vivi l’Irlanda durante il nostro Irish-Italian summer camp.

Ma adesso tocca a Margherita raccontarci!

Hi, my name is Margherita. For All Saints holiday, I went to Ireland, to a little town named Portumna, to improve my English. I lived with an Irish family and in the mornings I had English lessons.

My Irish family is composed of four persons, the mum called Aisling, the two sisters Laura and Aiofe and the little brother Cillian. Aisling is a very nice person, Laura is 14 and Aoife is 11. Cillian is 7 and he would like to perform on X Fctor! He sings very well!

Margherita & the Woods

In this great holiday I had the opportunity to attend a HURLING match. Hurling is a very popular sport only played by Irish people. I really enjoyed it!

On Monday 28th of October we went to Galway City to see the match. It was the County final between Portumna and Loughrea. We arrived at the stadium in Galway. It was my first time at a real hurling match. I was excited. We sat down and a person using a microphone invited people to sing the Irish anthem.


Then the two teams paraded behind a marching band. After this we sat down and the match started. It is a strange game for me but very interesting. There are 15 players in a team. All the players have a stick to hit the ball and a helmet to protect themselves. The game lasts 60 minutes and the goal is to strike the ball with the stick into the net, then you make 3 points, or to strike the ball over the bar for one point.


There were a lot of people at the game because it was senior final. When the team scored everybody was clapping and shouting. However, the weather wasn’t helping the players because, while it was sunny, there was also a lot of rain. In fact we saw a beautiful rainbow!

Portumna won the match 21 points to 14 points. My family and I were really happy.


My day at the hurling match was amazing! I really enjoyed spending time with my Irish family. I look forward to watching another hurling match when I next return to Ireland!