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Homestay per Juniors

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Tornare in Irlanda è come tornare a casa

 Noi di Vivi l’Irlanda siamo convinti che per fare progressi in una lingua straniera occorra vivere nel quotidiano, immergersi nella vita della comunità di cui la lingua è l’espressione.

Vivi l’Irlanda propone infatti una convivenza intensiva con famiglie irlandesi selezionate in un contesto esclusivamente “locale”, che permette  di fare esperienza dell’autentica vita irlandese, lontana dagli stereotipi turistici, senza entrare in contatto con altri connazionali nel corso del soggiorno.

Di seguito qualche testimonianza di alcune nostre famiglie ospitanti che raccontano dei loro studenti:

Hi there. Everything going really well. Bea can be little quite but we are making sure to play lots of interactive games to make sure she uses lots of English. Weather has been good so been to the beach a couple of times and go swimming to 40ft / sandycove every evening. Although Bea not keen on getting in as water too cold !!!
Just out for my lunch and spotted the girls in the water ad they are on water sport camp this week. Colette

We really enjoyed her company and loved having her. I hope her time in Ireland is always a good memory for her. She is very welcome to come to us again if she wishes. Theresa

Dear Gaia
We have just said goodbye to Fillipo. We are very sad to see him go.
I would just like you to tell his parents that he was excellent to host.
He was always willing to help out, he ate everything (apart from broccoli)
He was mannerly and had an excellent sense of humour.
For us, he was perfect.
Thanks a million for everything

Hi Gaia, Hope you all got home safe and sound. What a fast 3 weeks and what a pleasure Simone was,(Simon as we called him) …. He will be missed in our family and as we told him the door is always open if he returns to Galway.
Hope we meet again next year it was a pleasure 😀
Kind Regards, Carmel

Hi Gaia,
How are you? I am very well. We are getting on so well with Andrea he is such a lovely boy and our children adore him. He is pleasure to host at our home.
He is at summer camp today and it’s great that the weather is sunny. Andrea is making us pasta carbonara this evening for an Italian treat!

I would like to congratulate you and all involved in the success of your new venture bringing Italian students to Ireland. The time and effort that has been put into the last 3 weeks has been fantastic and an amazing experience for the students. I hope they all have many happy memories of Ireland . Thank you for introducing my family to the beautiful Bea, she was an absolute pleasure and brought joy to us all and hopefully we will meet again next year and if not we will keep in contact.  Once again congrats and thank you  Best of luck in the future, Regards. Sandra, Aidan, Grace, and Tara

Hello Gaia, We are all very well. Cecilia is very happy, she is constantly smiling and ever independent.  She is a joy to be around.  She is meeting up with the other girls for a few hours each night in one of the houses. Last night the girls all came over to me.  There was nine for dinner, (my daughter brought 2 friends home with her) and everyone got on very well.  Talking about school and the differences between the different schools.  After dinner, they got a tennis lesson which and then they came back to my home.  The girls are all different, one loves the basketball and played with my son Aonraoí as well as enjoying the trampoline.  Margarita enjoyed trying out my daughters violin.  They all adores decorating cupcakes.  My own children are really enjoying the experience as well. Question for you?  I would like to take Cecilia to Enniscrone, Co Sligo for a day next week as i visit my parents.  She will see the Altanlic ocean and if it a rough day it can be very beautiful with the big waves.  Problem is she will miss class with Shane. I have not asked Cecilia yet?  There is no problem as Henry my husband is around all next week in Portumna if it is not possible to bring Cecilia. Regards and thank you, Cecilia

Hello, Just home from trick or treating . I’m going to pack for Bianca now, I’ve just finished washing her clothes etc . I hope to have her in bed at 9.30 for a few hours . I’m not going to bed just in case !!!! She was a lovely girl and a pleasure to have . We went to Athlone yesterday shopping and home to my home last night horse riding etc . I think Bianca s English has really come along . Chat soon and thank you very much, Meg