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matrimonio Leo & ElinorMary e il suo gruppo sullo Shannon474323_355417387836754_1745692618_opub in Galway

The principal characteristic of this country is its attachment to ancient traditions:  whoever chooses to spend a holiday in Ireland, whether it be for study or as a tourist, cannot but perceive this sense of belonging to an ancient past. Even today when Ireland has become a modern country its ties to the land and its past remain.  Indeed how could it not be so when we consider the long and tortuous path towards freedom it has travelled. Ireland boasts an unparalleled history in the creative arts with its music, culture and theatre visible also in the many festivals which this country puts on throughout the year.

The Irish people remains a cheerful people that tends not to take life too seriously and retains a great sense of humour that enables it to always find the positive side in everything.

Their warm welcome and hospitality are unique in the world.  You can be sure that as you travel around the country there will also be someone willing to stop and help you when they see you with a map in your hand, and it will never be possible to leave a pub without first having spent an enjoyable evening in good company and where you will in all likelihood meet someone who is happy to give you a lift to where you want to go.