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(Italiano) Work experience

Learn English…. the Irish Way!

Work Experiences in Ireland for College Students


We of Vivi l’Irlanda are convinced that the only way to make progress in learning a language is to make a complete break from your own mother tongue and immerse yourself completely in the culture and society of the people of which the language is an expression.


What Vivi l’Irlanda proposes is a full-on experience of life.  The Irish families we select are situated in an exclusively ‘local’ context, which enables our students to experience Irish life as it really is rather than as it is experienced by the stereotypical tourist route.  Our students will not mix with other Italian students during their stay.

We propose a study holiday model which is unique, aimed at young people aged 15 and above, including university students and young adults, who wish to improve or deepen their own knowledge of the English language through a unique experience based on life in the family and why not? We propose a working Experience in Ireland for Students.

It  is our intention to offer them an experience of life as lived among the people of the place.

Each student is placed with a family and to a suitable work experience that has been specifically chosen on the basis of his or her profile.

During the course of your stay we will ensure that both you and the host family feels our constant support thanks to weekly on-site visits.

We will act as ‘go-between’ between the Italian and Irish families.

Departures are on an individual basis.