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Learn English: live Ireland!

Learn English by throwing yourself into the daily life of the people who speak it, break away from your own mother tongue and immerse yourself in the English language in one of the most hospitable countries in the world.

This is the philosophy that lies behind the project Vivi l’Irlanda. We propose a novel way to learn the English language quickly and efficiently by experiencing a ‘full-immersion’ in the culture which only life in an Irish family can give you.

“I deeply enjoyed the hospitality and the wonderful culture of this extraordinary country. I saw the land through the eyes of family life, in which I was welcomed by extremely nice and kind people, ending up feeling at home. There’s no better way than this. To improve English skills in a place where the language is so alive and enriched by everyone’s welcoming attitude – first of all of the family! Thank you, Claudia, Milan”